AUD Collateral Operations Down Under (daily) Zoom

Australian Dollar/U.S. Dollar FX:AUDUSD


More price points have been added and adjusted for accuracy on this zoomed image of the previous monthly and weekly charts. Taking the intra-day floor of the AUD currency during the GFC meltdown as a “blue line” and then attempting to be neutral bearing in mind global uncertainties. The April Fool’s bottom would result in a global catastrophe of proportions we haven’t seen. Red shading is for punters seeing declines being dominant, green for those who are hoping for the Australian currency to see better days, not only in the lead up to the US midterms, but also looking beyond. Prices quoted are where one might decide upper and lower stop positions when setting long trade positions. Anywhere in the shaded fields are where one might like to place shorter positions during the period covered. Whatever way we look at the AUD USD relationship, the currency is likely to experience increased volatility during the ongoing US China trade war. ©2019 Stark Networks Research

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