Hello everyone, if you like the idea, do not forget to support with a like and follow. The following confluences have been observed and satisfied with the direction of market. Our trading plan is to bid at better price and hoping the market pick up our bid and move further with trend. 1. (D1)(Y)(MUST) AutoClimate confirmed (Curr:8 / Std:5.06)
2. (H1/H4)(Y)(Good to Have) UFO is NOT within HEAVY whitespace
3. (M55)(Y)(MUST) UFO structure is DBD or RBR (NOT DBR or RBD )
4. (M55)(Y)(MUST) UFO structure is clear and easily seen by naked eye
5. (M55)(Y)(Good to Have) UFO Leg-out is significant
6. (M55)(Y)(MUST) Structure having FLASH logo or at least new high/low
7. (M55)(Y)(MUST) EMA9 Daily vertical line is inside stoploss
8. (M55)(Y)(Good to Have) Stoploss level beyond trendline
9. (M55)(Y)(MUST) Arrival price does not form counter FLASH D1/M55
CADCHF SELL @ 0.73265
SL 0.73410 (14.5)
TP 0.72959 (30.6)
CANCEL WHEN D1 autoclimate reset counting
CANCEL WHEN EMA200 & EMA9-daily has exceeded too wide with UFO Disclaimer Notice !!!
The plan that shared here are not 100% confirm winning trade. There is no such thing as “always win” strategy. There will be a time we will face losing in rows. We are not pursuing high winning rate here. With good money management, we can be consistent profit in the long run.
Any trades you decide to take are your own. The trades shared here are for educational/informational purposes only and are Mulchen’s personal trades. Good luck!
~Mulchen, CISSP