Looking for a short on this! I might’ve entered a bit early but hey…that free margin is clutch…
Explanation: For me this is really a resistance zone sell. Price has been on a downtrend breaking out within this new month and I feel that price will eventually fall back down since the previous low was broken on the daily and the high is still retesting the resistance! Lmk your thoughts or any advice! 👨🏾‍💻TRADE IDEA 👩🏾‍💻(SELL USDJPY )
Type: Market Execution
Time Frame Marked up on: 1Hr -Daily 🥵Stop Loss: 106.425 🥶Entry Zone: 106.107-105.934 Take Profits: 1. 👉🏾105.597
2. 👉🏾105.290
3. 👉🏾 105.001 🔥Hot Zone🔥
👉🏾105.001-104.243 -Personal Trade 🏀Tips🏀 *Use proper risk management. Past profits does not guarantee future success!
*Don’t be greedy! Leave at least $10-$15 Free Margin so you won’t get kicked before your trade hits Stop Loss.
*Take advantage of twin trading!
*Trail your stop loss once you get 20 pips on profit!
*Be patient. Your trade will go red and blue. Trust in your markup. *You won’t win every trade but continue to learn!


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