Hello traders , as you can see I deeply explain the way I see the markets. Make sure to see the entire video because I’m sharing a potential trade idea for the next hours. Let me know if you are more bullish or bearish . I’ve got many fundamental reasons to continue shorting :EUR Europe continues struggling to immunize its citizens
Eurozone bank lending doesn’t point towards an investment recovery yet
The gap between German and US bond yields widens
Vaccination problems in Europe to weigh on the euro
ECB’s lack of commitment to longer-term support means fewer funds for the economy
The eurozone lags behind the US on three important metrics
Political risk in Europe is starting to percolate
New quarantine restrictions in Germany muddy the outlook for the recovery
Europe to face the same levels of the new covid strain as the UK
Rising fragilities among firms, households and sovereigns amid higher debt burdens
Germany struggles with the virus
The latest lockdown measures have dented the summer optimism
ECB to try to break the vicious deflation spiral Also good reasons to BE LONG in GBP: British economic data continue to improve
Bank of England see hopeful signs ahead for the UK
The UK’s amazing vaccination prowess strengthen the pound
Vaccine optimism and shelving of negative rates to drive sterling higher
BoE has left its rates unchanged, yet all but closed the door on negative rates
BoE’s acknowledgment of vaccines helps the pound
BoE’s Bailey remains sceptical on negative rates
AstraZeneca vaccine approval helps improve outlook for 2021 recovery
Business optimism for the 12-month outlook remains upbeat
Bailey ready to buy bonds