We have broken and closed above long time resistance. We are in the process of testing the ascending channel for support and closing the 8EMA gap on the daily.
We have also closed above the 50EMA on the weekly. Now I am waiting for momentum on the 4H TF to the upside to enter a long term trade long the the upper limit of the ascending channel . We have SNIPER on site on the weekly and the daily. We have squeeze on the 4H, just waiting for MACD Cross and Green volume to execute this trade. Disclaimer: I am still testing my strategies. Not all trades Ideas I post will result in live trades. They might be tested on demos accounts. Please share your Ideas with me and I am always open to positive criticism. Remember to use risk according to your appetite. Thanks for Checking out this Idea. (All mentions of BCR and SNIPER are credited to Max Norbury of Forex Signals. Check out their awesome site: https://www.forexsignals.com/?reff=10528…)


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