Technical Analysis 1. Clear Ascending Triangle has been formed
2. Failed Head & Shoulder (Expect the built momentum above the shoulder at 80% of the Head Size)
3. Huge Bearish Candle Stick (Without forming a candlewick at the bottom also at the top provides us indicators that there’ll be a continuation of this momentum)
4. Fibbonacci retracement expected to hit Key Level which is also on 0.618 (Golden Zone)
5. Fibbonacci Expansion simulates the potential growth and limit of the rise of expansion to 1.618 which is also near the point of failed Head & Shoulders take profit level Take note that the market is also sitting on the trendline of an ascending triangle . So if a candlewick starts forming we could see a possible rise Expecting the market to form something of a Hammer , Pin or Dragonfly doji to form similar to what I’ve arrowed and circled


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