Level 1 monthly Monthly time frame shows that eurchf is in a downward trend showing signs of possible reversal We see a completion of a 5th wave Elliot wave pattern with a consolidation or sideways movement.
We also see a very strong drop to lower levels on eurchf with massive rejection
Making this a very important level to take note of
Monthly support level . : 1.00709 close to that point.
We also see after this a wedge pattern was formed Level 2 weekly
On weekly we see a box range and how the level of rejection is holding the market up. We also see a drop from consolidation that is still resistance from monthly holding the market down confirming the box range. Level 3 daily On the daily we see the higher lows and a confirmation of a upwards accent in market. THE highs are being capped at the same level as the market is trying to break out to the top. Level 1hour
The 1hour time frame
Shows a rounding bottom
And a bullish rally to resistance level .
A break out of the box range top or bottom will confirm if we will see a sell off or rally in eurchf STRONG SUGGESTION IS SELL FROM TOP TO BOTTOM AND BREAK OUT TO LOWER LEVELS AS TREND CONTINUATION