EURCHF- The top is clear for a reversal.

Euro Fx/Swiss Franc FX:EURCHF


Test of the near support levels ahead, after the formation of the DOUBLE TOP . The double top which has always be classified as bearish reversal chart pattern can be of different types. This type shown above is called the EVE and EVE double top .
The EVE and EVE double top , a type of chart pattern that signifies the shape formed at the top. Eve tops are more rounded looking and wider. If they have spikes, they tend to be more numerous and shorter. The Eve & Eve double top is also called the classic double top .
The double top confirms as a true double top once price closes below the valley between the two peaks. More rejection wicks surfacing below the support which also indicates that price is yet to break the support. The levels to keep an eye on as price moves lower are as follows:
Breakdown: 1.09197
Support 1- 1.09091
Support 2- 1.09015
Support 3- 1.08818
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