Hello fellow traders, please give me a few minutes of your time and take a look at my idea on EURUSD , enjoy!!! Risk: 26 pips❌
Reward: 284 pips🤑
Risk/Reward Ratio: 10.03✅ Chart Breakdown:📉📈
Daily Timeframe( Bullish ): Uptrend is currently in place. Breakout and re-test of downward trendline setup is being respected( bullish ). There is also a trendline bullish setup playing currently out.
4 Hour Timeframe( Bullish ) Upward trendline setup is currently playing out. We also have an uptrend in place making this timeframe overall bullish .
1 Hour Timeframe( Bullish ): There is a breach of the previous lower-high of the downtrend indicating a potential change in trend from down to up on this timeframe. A trendline fakeout happened indicating that the bulls failed to breakout the first time and have now gathered extra momentum at the support level to finally breakout of the downward trendline. We have a bullish harami and three white crows bullish reversal candlestick patterns as confirmation for entry.

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