LAST WEEK’S RECAP The week played out perfectly!
Price came down into our LPS zone and turned, showing the support that we anticipated to finish off the reaccumulation pattern and allowing an entry at the bottom of the next bull run! LOOKING AHEAD I’m anticipating this demand zone to push price all the way to 1.23496, so it’s a matter of enjoying the ride and looking out for available seats. Based on this level of analysis, we can anticipate the HTF supply level as done and bulls are in charge.

Forgot to indicate the latest demand on this HTF chart previously but will update if there is anything of value to add on the weekly level or above. Looking at what we have right now, a disciplined trader would wait for a pullback to at least the green line and find an entry off the order block.
I am not always that trader… I might sell above the red line if a trade shows itself. Housekeeping:
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