A lot of VWAP people mention that the rule of thumb with VWAP is to buy when price is above and sell when price is below. This is not correct. What I do like about VWAP is that it is fixed. So you can go between the 1 hour and 15 min and its the same. RSI rules are the same. VWAP like any moving average provides support and resistance targets. It is self explanatory on a chart. Its similar to how many youtube traders suggest that you want to buy when RSI is above 50 and sell when its below. This is also incorrect in my opinion. Schematics of a “push-through” and “no-demand” test entries. If you do not know what these two signals are refer to the book “master the markets” by Tom Williams. Sources of education:
Richard Wyckoff
Tom Williams Volume spread analysis VSA / Master the Markets
Pete Faders VSA*
Read the ticker dot com
Wyckoff analytics
Dee Nixon Avoid buying into weakness/supply/resistance
Avoid selling into strength/demand/support
Avoid entry when price is in middle of a range (phase B)


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