Hey Trader, Hope you had a profitable trading week this past week? but if not, I hope you are taking out time to learn from the little mistakes you made in trading this past week and looking forward to a better trading week this coming week. With that said I have a proposal for you but before i talk about my proposal, Please allow me to state facts. We all know how easy it is to analyze the charts by plotting supports/resistance line, trend line etc. but it is however difficult in trusting you analysis to the extent of staking you hard earned money on said analysis. If however you summoned courage to stake you money, it is another milestone in trusting the trade to play out in your favor especially when you are in the minus territory for hours or days . This leads to fear and second thoughts which you then have to exit your trader early with a loss. Big or small a loss is still a loss. Am not here to tell you that day trading is difficult or hard or that a high percentage of day traders lose money behind the scene. That quite frankly are not important what is significant is being among the top 1 percent of traders that are successful. Isn’t that what we all want to attain in trading? So why have to go through the hard and complicated way of attain it? My proposal is quite simple and straight forward you can either beg for fish or learn how to fish you decided which of the both will last longer for you. If you decide to learn how to fish in this context which actually means learning how trade, then I can be of huge assistance to you. They is a lot of courses out they but all of them are mostly the same, mostly basics. Which quite frankly Will only delay your success. If you are interested please note that the cost for this program is $550 USD and if you can afford it and you are 100% ready to take your trading to the next level, then go ahead and message me right now on trading view . I look forward to hearing from your . Thanks for reading
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