Hello my friends, For today i am taking a buy position for GBPAUD pairs.
I found an inside bar pattern on the 4hr timeframe which usually a continuation pattern of current movement. This inside pattern looks like a bullish inside bar as it occurs exactly at EMA-200 support and it formed at the upper half of previous candle body.
You could also see that price moving inside downward channel for 3 days and i think we could see price break the resitance soon. It could be because GBP might gain some strength from fundamental issue such as BREXIT deals.
If you wanna buy it from here it is up to you, i myself already bought this pair from 1.8045. I am late to post this because i just get back home and got time to posted it here. Buy GBPAUD 1.8045
Stop loss 1.7950
Take profit 1 @1.8140
Take profit 2 @1.8235 RR Ratio is 1 : 2
Use only 1-2% risk
Good luck Disclaimer : I already buy GBPAUD from 1.8045


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