Here’s my bias for GBPUSD .
I am anticipating a bullish week. Now, here’s what we need to take in consideration: 1) Price is currently in a bullish order flow and could easily clear out these highs 2) Price is moving into a weekly bearish order block 3) Commitment of Traders has VERY strong bearish
orders building up since DEC 2020. 4) Price created a VERY clean M pattern with equal
highs, which means possible liquidity grab (scroll left to see
structure) This might be the final bullish push in price to grab liquidity
and for big sellers from institutions to come in.
I would like for price to push up and just beyond the equal
highs this week or maybe even next week. I will be looking for buy opportunities early in the week
depending on price action. We shall see. Happy Trading & Good luck everyone


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