If you havent already, you are missin out. Go ahead and join the fam and lets attack the markets! So we got GBPUSD , i noticed that we are sitting on a major support level that price established previously. That paired with eh fact that we are already up trending in the hourly chart allows us to be biased towards the upside. If you take a look at the 15M you will see the rectangle’s area is a liquidity zone since it is bouncing in the same small range over and over. This gives us the “power” tp push up since the market is just eating at that point. If the hourly candle can close about the previous candle, we will be biased towards the upside. I have already entered the trade and plan to hold to the first green dashed line. Waiting for further price action, we can possibly enter another buy IF price shows strong indication of continuing. All that being said, use correct risk management and be prepared for anything as nothin is certain in the markets, all we can do is make calculated analysis and do our best. TRADE SAFE, TRADE PRECISE! PEACE OUT YALL


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