Hello Fellow Traders, Here is a Full Updated Analysis on GBPUSD . The Best way to follow my Analysis is if the following conditions apply. Conditions –
1. Wait for the Market to Show you some Rejection / Confirmation / Direction
2.Wait for confirmation(Price Action Confirmation Aka . Pinbar , Bullish engulfing / Break of structure Aka Support Or Resistance)
3.Do your Own analysis! (Draw Trend Lines / Support & Resistance Zones / SND )
4.Always Use Risk Management (Risk 1% of your capital)
5.Entry Should be Made on The 4H Timeframe (Only if you have Confirmation)
6.Trade at own risk.
7.Show some support Below (Like , Comment , Follow & share) Let Me know if you have any Questions or Comments Below Happy Trading & Goodluck! See You in the next Analysis!
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