Here we can see the battlefield
As the orange line is the low to high of the bears swing as the green line is the low to high of the bulls swing
The bears is the .6
The bulls is the .3
Notice how l2 the stop hunt low swing is at the same fib as the monthly chart!
As I said in the anticipation series explaining the stop hunt psychology of the lows swing before it happen and what happen? Pay roll came and what did everyone do they shorted following the markets manipulation! Why cus that’s what we do anything nome they throw our way we take it we don’t care if it’s a trap or not. As I’d learned awhile back that the market direction is usually the opposite way price does during these events it# just been an trend indicator. And I’ll just wait for the move in the right direction Now look at the .3 zone we see low tails all under the bulls swing including the pay roll session where the bears took the whole day from open to close! And it didn’t break the bulls .3 zone nor did that sale off had any follow through. As we trade expecting a follow through ex if a bull breakout you expect a follow through candle.. this is what we call a TREND!
Notice think bout it. Isn’t this market BEARISH? So the bears had a whole day of domination and no follow through in a BEARS MARKET.. but who pays attention to this stuff beside me? Cus all I seen was sale sale without any good reason outside of the picture that the market wants you to see!
Notice! In the white
How the market is present lower highs and lows but it’s ranging lower highs and lows! As the highs and lows meet each other as support equal resistance, thus that’s a range it’s not a trend! Another market manipulation and what do trades do they sale 😂 it’s that easy to manipulate the retail trades. The move is in a buy swing that been rejecting every bear drop that forms a flag pattern with a impulse pattern (n) at the low it lol 😂 haha that is support at the bulls .3 zone that they been protecting.. so retail are going to sell into a wall. It’s really that easy. We don’t care to look around where we enter at the market shows up Us lower high and lows and we take it! It could be at bottom right under it , in fact the market already shown that we are at a bottom and ppl are still looking to short if you’re short where is the trend ? I seen a bull trend 😀let me guess the bear trend from two weeks ago is you supportive team. While we are in the underbelly of a divergence bull leg 🤦🏾‍♂️ Do we even think? 😂 ok ok I’m sry but seriously guys we have to do better! We all lose trades but com on. Let’s limit getting manipulated so until the low is broken the bulls have the market as the l2 divergence out of the overbrought this mean we hit a bottom..