Alright I been doing these post called 👆🏾 Where I take the time out to offer free priceless education to All. Cuz most of what we are taught isn’t cutting it. I’m not here to trash anyone maybe this why I’m disliked or maybe it’s my market insight but Idc . I’d helped many by stimulating their mind to think and ask WHY behind price movements to get the answer and not to rely on any post ideas including mines. Cuz to win you have to think. So again I’m doing gu as one of my most posted pairs as i refresh the mind of those whom read my post Months ago I was the only damn author that said gu was going to be bullish as this was when it drop and every one said sell. So ppl are saying sell now ok but no1 could give me a reason WHY. I don’t want to hear no support or resistance retest of bs cuz most don’t know what support and resistance are in. The market. So let’s canned that.. IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE YOU CAN GIVE ME ? I’ll wait plz contact me ASAP public msg it! Now I’ll tell you what matters So gu is in an uptrend.
What matters in a uptrend? Is it the highs or the lows? It’s the LOWS the high don’t matter! Now I bet you don’t even know why and have the crazy face on…. For a market to go up the lows are what we evaluate only the highs will follow.
WHY? Price action is to evaluate the action and reaction. The move up is the action made by gu the reaction is the move down by usd. So if the bulls are strong then we want to see a strong recovery from the reaction of the bears when the bulls rest. Markets moves in turns it’s like a turn based strategy game
The longer the pull back the less lightly the trend will continue without a correction.
The deeper the pullback the more weaker the trend becomes as the aggressive buying up from the low start to decrease the market becomes weaker.
So it’s the low that matters in all uptrends not touches of resistance or support cuz those are meant to be broken!
Don’t make your decisions based off that support and resistance especially if you don’t know what defines it . Look at how price is responding around your trendline is a better approach .
Lil story I recall years ago with my ex something I did IMO didn’t equally what she did but she said well fir every action there’s a reaction you can’t tell someone how to react. Never forgot it. So I applied it to trading every action look for a reaction.
Ex if price. Bust down do this mean go n hit the sell? Without seeing the reaction maybe. The reaction maybe more aggressive. Now let’s look
So thus circle candle showed a lot about what is going on.
As I gave this in-depth price action understanding and many post as well as BTCUSD last week and price followed and it’s simple liquidity those candles trapped a lot of ppl . As the market made a deep correction and we can recall this as it was when gu was first testing resistance. So the market will retrace there to cash in As they the players brought gu up rapidly from uneducated traders selling based off of what.. same bs resistance thinking the market well sell cus it failed at the aka resistance zone and what happen? The market made a divergence hidden channel right outta there you can go and look at my gu post I’d called it out before and even drawled it out for yal,
Now this is why we have that low wick
Now notice at every higher low the buying up is become weaker
The wick are shorter. Get it?
They are not buying bu currently
They are planned on cashing in at that liquidity zone and to do so with easy they bring the market up. Not to fool traders but to exchange orders. If the want to sell they have to have someone to buy. This is why the market is going up and only!! Now also let’s look at the candle range
As we can see in the red circle the candles are becoming narrow as this is the daily chart . Gu atr is greater those pip candles. This mean there’s no actual market buying So what’s the outlook
Gu blueprint is still bullish as the month confirms this you can look at my month post.
The market just need a correction and will not go further until it kiss that candle now I’m not talking about a very pip up I’m mean as trending wise. So we wait target the low and buy back off the mwvap. Once failure is achieved at the high As your truly giving you the desperate need price action market psychology teaching to make you a proactive not reactive trader HOW TO TRADE LIKE THEM for those looking to invest in the market as these times the market is providing positions of untestable entries as most markets are changing direction and this happens once a decade
I have positions available to trade and monitor for you. I’ll coach you through and explain the trade in depth via zoom. Serious injuries plz
as I’ll monitor n will place them in their position out of the selective pairs that I’d followed and know their agendas I’ll walk them through the set up from the start of the pair so they’ll know and understand. Also education method is additional or separate
Like learn follow become educated