As I said last year on this pair the price to trade and hold is the retest of 14.666..
Bull stop the drop in circle added volume push The market up that broken orders making a double top that sold to completion yet the second leg was a weak choppy sale showing the market is to be soon bullish the measure move of it found support right where the bulls stop the bearish drop then a high wave doji was made with price going upwards after it as bullish confirmation. As the doji wick made valid market support and resistance as there are 3. 1. Price fluctuations 2. High volume . 3. Doji with long wicks. Here we see price fluctuations as the doji candle engulfed nearly every candle to the left of it. High volume as we see in the white circle On tick . And it’s a doji with long wicks so we have all 3 confluences as I’d mentioned the rest before . So the wicks here are has a high liquidity pull that the market WILL tap into. As we can see here the wick was resistance the market pulled backed and broke upward out the wick with a high solid bullish monthly candle ( white line breakout) and this at the time of as I brought it was a cup and handle breakout as I’d seen that and tp the move and I said then eurusd will be bullish and posted and it went up months afterward!.
So as I say now and then the market will return to retest this doji . And Here will be the best risk free nonsense entry on this pair. How it may get there
We can see a w top wedge at current levels which is bearish
We can see it’s low going up while the rsi made a lower . This explains the bullish momentum we seen n the last few weeks thus the current market is still bullish and we can expected the pattern to be completed at a much higher 3rd point as wedges has 3 point on a line. So we can expect price to go up to the next major bearish zone of 1265 breaking that zone n drop to 14.666 theoretically
Interesting thing in though is the daily and weekly and monthly mvwap are aligned in a way that the daily is at .5 and weekly at .6 of last month impulse ( here the small orange zone) with the monthly .at 1.4666 zone that’s 3 averages all in the same direction. Also as I’d mentioned many times before this market is heavily numerological with 3! 🤐I’ll leave this alone..
Looking at the daily we can see a smaller wedge that diverge and a possible hangingman on the weekly.
Thus it’s obviously we can see they will push a sale down to the .5 and .6 as a way to push price up and complete the monthly wedge as I’d mention
There’s are to busses to catch here as the pullback and ride up to the high. But the two to not miss here are the drop to 14.666 and the bus that will be there .
I have an order that been in place for a year waiting but do what’s best for you
And. Gl ✌🏾