Hello traders I’m here with the deeper analysis of uj
As most traders are focus on channel trading as that what they want us to do. We fail to see ease understand what price is really doing cuz we are focus on touching of the channel and not price movements. Thus is why I encourage traders to develop better price action interpretation over sketch trading. Now let me explain So we all know uj been selling right ? WRONG! What what most don’t really really see is that it isn’t selling at all uj is within a range and been for the last 11 weeks.! Yes that is right!
If you look closer here you’ll notice price isn’t making lower lows!
Yet we are so miseducation we are hitting the sale button
Now notices this big bullish candle with high volume at the beginnings of the range
This shows bullish strength and the educated trader knows not to participate in uj as price will range and will only try to pick the tops in bottoms with caution but not to sell as if price is dropping.
Now also I want you to understand what is going on here.
Not only did this candle show strength it also hunted sl of those trying to sake a market that isn’t for sale. Now why do the market do this?
As they are clearing room for price increase they must clears orders above for ease of movement So what is the best way to trade uj
Alert the borders of the range
Wait for a break out and retest of the range enter in that direction
Sl within the range
Hold the position HOW TO TRADE LIKE THEM- for those looking to invest in the market as these times the market is providing positions of untestable entries as most markets are changing direction and this happens once a decade
I have positions available to trade and monitor for you. I’ll coach you through and explain the trade in depth via zoom. Serious injuries plz