Australian Dollar/U.S. Dollar FX:AUDUSD


So I’d posted. Warning those about the stop lost hunt that taken placed for those who sold audusd . If so listen..

1. To trade like them you have to think like them.. how this is done.
Every time you look at a chart. Your very first thoughts should be what is this picture not tellIng me.
2 if it looks like a sale. Then stop proving to yourself it is!!! Try proving you’re wrong and not right! Try proving to yourself the opposite is true.
2. Always ask yourself if I’m going to sale this where will I put my stop loss at, or how I was trained to put it at. What 30 pips away? Above higher structure. Atr? ( ppl think the atr is the way to Go and your wrong price go against the atr ALL THE TIME!!!! Everyday all pairs.
3. Then look Around at that area you will but your stop loss. Is price respecting that zone if not be careful.. if it’s a pattern be even more careful… those double tops and bottom resistance area are hot. U put your stop above that and think price won’t get it then you’ll be just like those how sold Au . Those zone are MADE yesssss MADE with every intention to herd you there. Facts!. These ppl will take your baby diaper if you leave it on the table. They are sharks forreal, and as I said price u turned and hit that zone so fast smh the chart will sale off so slow but when mite time to go for that zone price runs right through it fast!! smh .

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THEY Dont CARE bout your ma, bandz vwap , clouds etc and all that trash. Your resistance and support are that bs they teach you. In this market tp it don’t matter. This market is 100000% manipulated. Your 50ma 200 etc that sucker you into a trade.. how. The 50 and 200 been over this pair for days!! Oh it’s sale now where are those ma at now ? Above. Busted right through it. Cuz they don’t respect indicators only you do! In fact they use it against you; you think they don’t know how Retail uses indicators?
Think they won’t stop you with it when their goal is to measured move the chart and stop out retail traders in the process. This is their goal. They don’t care.

What matters to them is measured moves that’s pre calculated predetermined, signs and seal and timed carried out by the flunkies for the elites of society. This is what is done and your assessment as nothing to do about it or your indications. The only real way is to learn to think like them to trade like them and mastery come through error.

Remember price like it’s space it likes to explore….
remember try to prove yourself wrong and not right.
Remember they don’t care about indicators , stop using them to make a decision .

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