As anticipated, GBP is the most resilient currency of 2019 against USD. we are seeing a solid strength built up with respect to price action. Apart from that, think logically, everyone is tired of Brexit and needs some early verdict on the final result to move on for the next few years. However, when something takes this long, then it simply means, there is going to be some soft win-win deal. Moreover, on Thursday, the unreliable boyfriend i.e. Mark Carney actually delivered a positive outlook with regards to Interest rates and inflation where it’s about to head, nevertheless with having an outcome of Brexit. However, Price action is showing us a build up in buyers and we shall see bulls raging to give us a strong breakout getting us to 1.35.. if not in a trade yet, then wait for a pullback to 1.3120 and we shall see this heading for good 400 pips. Swing is the way.

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