SL=last low 1.16900 eurusd has very powerfull buy signal as we predict 1 week ago
eurousd frist target is fibo 61% ,if it can break red trend open door to fibo 161% if you have open old sell =100% put hedge buystop on last high(lot=total sells or 2*total sells lot) and NEVER NEVER close that buy before close all sells in deep ,you must close frist sells in deep then buys on high ,close buy frist=margincall we think from 4 month ago eurusd is in way to near 1.4000 soon or late posations of big banks(broker) and fund traders ,larg speculation will buy and close sells too in next weeks for next days looking for buy on gold and silver and looking sell on germany index FDAX1! is exclent


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