Today, in this analysis and fundamental, I will going to check out my top # 1 of my favorite par. The Euro /Sterling Pound represent the 2 biggest countries in the world, called European Union and United Kingdom (EU/UK) I like to read always news about the Sterling Pound and Eurozone because these countries show a impact of the relationship of these economies and the world, I believe that this par is so unique in the kind to make analysis and be cautelous about the fundamentals. It’s based a lot for fundamentals that this par is moved by fundamentals and news. Also, one of my countres that I liked to know as curiously is all Eurozone and specially United Kingdom. I like to visit France, Spain, and Germany, that countris move the Eurozone a lot for fundamentals, and United Kingdom is so one of the countries so volatil called Sterling Pound about the news for Brexit, politics and more in this situation. Also, is the best for me, I am in the top # 1 of ranking of recent’s trader that analyze Euro / Sterling Pound and based my reputation is so higher and it’s near to reach the 3,000 reputation and trusting about my analysis and my fundamentals that always posted here in this par In conclusion, is one of my best par to analyze and make money, I always earn money on this par making trading and is of my reserved par that I have in my hand and I believe that if I following to posting ideas related of this par, I not have any doubt that I will become a grant competitor of trading and a monster’s trader. But, yes is one of my favorite par to analyze it always. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Technical Analysis for the next week: In Daily we see a bearish movement that we could to see a drop near of 2.50% that equal a short opportunity to find down near of 250 pips.

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But, now looking it in H4 timeframe we was havened a short confirmation entry and valid the descendent triangle, that was updated.

In weekly, as overview we could see a possible drop in the Euro to the 0.83 pounds.