Trade Ideas Educator – AUDCAD Shark

Australian Dollar/Canadian Dollar FX:AUDCAD


A bearish shark forms on the 1-hourly chart(left) with parallel uptrend channel indeed is not the happiest market movement when you are in the trade. What’s great about this is it accompany with RSI Divergence which says otherwise on the market movement.

Right now, if you have not engaged the trade you can wait for the retracement back into the sell zone on the 1-hourly chart to find your 2nd entry opportunity, that being said you have to be in before 5-0 pattern is formed. Most importantly, you should have followed my post closely so you won’t miss this fantastic trading opportunity ever again.

On the 4-hourly chart(right) a further uptrend extension the market may meet the bearish bat setup, another trend trading opportunity.

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