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Quick analysis to understand why this trade was taken and how it was analysed. Monthly imbalances for USD JPY
These zones have been highlighted due to the imbalance showing a strong pivotal reversion point where price has set a psychological level of 100.00 to be a structural level for the USD.
The monthly wicks also highlight a great opportunity where the imbalance is strongest within the wick zones around 100-102.
Second to this, the monthly test occurring back in January 2021 created a higher low, informing that the buyers have taken over the monthly imbalance and have created a weekly imbalance zone where price will use as a discounted zone.

Daily Fibonacci
Currently price is heading to -0.272, before an opportunity for the trend in most scenarios to take a breather, where price will look towards the 8hour imbalance zone. Price has become bullish with a mounting risk of the VIX and the safe haven of both the USD and JPY.
The technical aspect here is price will need to engineer a long movement so when coming to a pivotal point on the Fibonacci extension target, price will react here, allowing discounted buy opportunities.

Weekly structure forming of the monthly imbalance


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