U.S. Dollar/Canadian Dollar FX:USDCAD


Hey Traders, first of all, I want to say thank you to every trader for being part of this business, it is difficult and for the past 5 years I have had my butt kicked a lot, from strategy to strategy, to psychology, emotions basically the overall bubble of what a trader is, as you can see if you are a new trader the sheer difference when it comes to my usual publishing’s compared to this, its a far ball toss, one thing I never really understood was the concept of why knowledge is important and that leads to having the key to unlock your skill potential, start of this year I gave in after 5 years of doing this, but then it came to me I spent 5 years making my own stuff up why not go through the building blocks of fundamentally learning it through books, videos, even a mentor and here we are a huge difference between my last post and this. doing a top down analysis is the key to growth and unlocking that potential, you are there just grab it and unlock your inner self

1-Saw a institutional level on the higher tf with no mitigation
2- came down to the 4 hours and hourly and saw this beautiful potential
3-price mitigated the wick of the candle that was used to draw the zone
4-the top rejection indicated that banks and big companies had interest
5- saw where the opposition were driven out
caught this marvellous trade
quality over quantity all ways