USDCHF H16: BEST level to BUY/HOLD +200/+300 pips(SL/TP)(NEW)
IMPORTANT NOTE: speculative setup. do your own
due dill. use STOP LOSS. don’t overleverage. 🔸 Summary and potential trade setup
::: USDCHF H16 chart review/outlook
::: setup still valid as of today
::: wait for pullback in wave4 later
::: and focus on buying dips
::: Bullish outlook / strong chart
::: coming from Inverted H*S BASE
::: right now focus on BUYING DIPS
::: alternatively wait for Wave3 to complete
::: and wave4 pullback and then seek to BUY LOW
::: near 9120 with SL 40 TP is 9420/9440
::: recommend to BUY/HOLD after Wave4
::: recommended strategy BUY/HOLD after Wave4
::: SL 40 pips TP1 +200 TP2 +300
::: Higher risk setup: BUY at MARKET
::: exit at 9280 supply zone
::: SWING trade setup do not expect
::: fast/miracle overnights gains here
::: good luck traders
🔸 Supply/Demand Zones
::: 8820/8830 fresh demand zone
::: 9000 fresh supply zone
🔸 Other noteworthy technicals/fundies
::: TD9 /Combo update: N/A
::: Sentiment short-term: BULLS
::: Sentiment outlook mid-term: BULLS/REVERSAL/ IHS RISK DISCLAIMER:
Trading Crypto, Futures , Forex, CFDs and Stocks involves a risk of loss.
Please consider carefully if such trading is appropriate for you.
Past performance is not indicative of future results.
Always limit your leverage and use tight stop loss.