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During the last week and in a four-hour time, we were able to predict this upward movement with a detailed analysis. But what will happen in the coming days, we have mentioned in this analysis. The price is near the key level of 1.2175, it does not seem that this level can resist the price. If there is resistance, it may be about an hour in time and the size of a shadow. If you look closely at the price channel drawn in the analysis, you will see that you can achieve great goals with a long-term vision. We have drawn a hypothesis for the future movement for you. Consider the negative news of the dollar in the past few days for next week. 📣 Attention 📣
⚠️ 1. We publish this trading idea to help analysts, so if you have an idea that you think is right, do not be influenced by this idea.
⚠️ 2. All our analysis and signals are provided free of charge, so we have no obligation to make any profit or loss on our signals and analysis.
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